STROMBOLI and ETNA 7.5.2009-11.5.2009


Sciara del Fuoco

Sea impacting lava rocks

East vent activity from 240m


full moon rays hitting steam

Rockfall into the sea

strong afterglow with ash plume

new east vent cone with two active holes

Asheruption from western vent

Ashplume rising far above summit

panorama view of active terrace

mid centered small vent

new cone in morning dawn

furious start of a new ash eruption

ash eruption from western vent

strong explosions from east vent

time lapse sequence

sulfurdioxide ring from mid centered cone

Mountain shadow

Crater terrace with fuming vents

lava rich daytime eruption from east vent

bubble like lava eruption

low flying big lava slabs

unusual wide strombolian eruption

energetic eruption in evening dawn from quota 400m

high amount of ejected material

one of the frequent ash eruptions

Asheruption with high amount of lapili

side-view into crater terrace gap with active west vent

side-view into crater terrace gap with active east vent

side-view into crater terrace gap with active east vent

'mythical' colors

heavily exploding lava bubble

Ash and strombolian eruption at same time

strong fontaining from easternmost hole

strong eruption forms lava ring structure

shock wave announcing eruption

east cone left hole eruption

first moment of a strong ash eruption


Stromboli - Animations


Etna-Valle de Bove

Valle de Bove from Serra delle Concazze

Summit crater view from Serra delle Concazze


fuming crater chain along new fissure

this chain leads to active lava exits

silent lava exit below new fissure

lava winding down into Valle de Bove

lava in front of Pizzi Deneri

lavaflow with view to Messina

one of many lava exit points

new growing lava plateau at 2500m level

nighttime view to towns below Valle de Bove

springtime flowering at Valle de Bove's lower end

Southeast crater view from Milo