JAPAN 24.12.2009-10.1.2010

Sakurajima 26.12.-28.12., 31.12.-4.1., 8.1.-9.1.

Kagoshima city life

Kagoshima nightlife

Sakurajima seen from Kagoshima

Ferry between Kagoshina and Sakurajima

slippery roads due to ashfall

collecting ash

telephone shelter

emergency shelter in case of a violent eruption

ash loaden vegetation and villages

typical house

lahar guiding and breaking constructions all around

land under Sakurajimas ash clouds...

fields of famous giant radish, growing only on Sakurajima

example of famous giant radish

strong ash eruption

ashcloud arrow above points toward the Moon

ash covers all-also our rental car and cameras

lava brightens the ash cloud

small eruption

lava brightens the ash cloud

lava bombs hitting the flank

ash eruption

eruption in morning dawn

first morning light

steaming phase in daylight

Thorsten and Richard observing the volcano

ash eruption causing lightning

eruption in evening dawn

silent steaming which can last for many hours

silent steaming

birth of a new ash cloud-greeting the new year 2010 only 5 minutes after midnight

Sakurajimas deeply eroded west side

Kagoshima city to the west

view to northern Kagoshima bay

evening view of Sakurajimas deeply eroded west side

violent eruption

a strong eruption can follow a smaller one

violent beginning of a new eruption

afterglow of a big eruption

lava bombs flying up to 1000m

ash cloud by night

each rainfall deepens the steep gullys and can produce lahars

climbing nearer to the volcano means fighting with ashy, strongly gullied and loose terrain

daytime ash eruption

Kagoshima bay in afternoon light

Sakurajima view from south

lava sculptures

late afternoon eruption seen from western side

nighttime eruption

these ash clouds are growing up to many kilometers

ash eruption meets the Orion constellation

first morning light

old blocklava

strong ash eruption

observing a phase with frequent ash eruptions

small eruption with lightning colored ash cloud

multiple lightning caused by fast moving fine ash

strombolian eruption with lightning

detail with multiple lightning flashes

video clip-

ash eruption with pressure wave in humid climate

video clip-

ash eruption with pressure wave in dry climate



Suwanose Jima 29.12.-30.12.

sunrise from Tokara islands night ferry

Suwanose Jima

leaving the ferry

on the way to the active Otaka crater

inactive southwest-crater

small ash eruption

view into the huge caldera which is completely open to the east side

beginning of a big ash eruption-in 350m distance you really can feel the heat and static charge

a fisheye is not enough to cover the kilometer high ashcloud

after 10 minutes the eruption weakens

Sunset seen from Otakas rim

constant strombolian activity between ash eruptions

silent phase

first sign of a new huge ash eruption

for many minutes lava bombs are flying all around the crater

final phase-even a 24mm wideangle covers only the lowest part

silent phase

small ash eruption which happens roughly each hour

seldom case of completely inactive and cleared vent

strombolian begin of a small ash eruption

ash cloud is following

and growing slowly



ash eruption which begins with a

pressure wave

superwideangle videoclip-

development of a big ash eruption


Unzen 6.1.

west coast

south Japan landscape

Ferry crossing of Shimabara bay

Shimabara bay

Unzen with ejected rocks

Unzen dome east flank


Unzen with PF devastated area


Nagasaki atomic bomb memorial

Nagasaki harbour


Aso 7.1.

inactive crater

lava bomb-1m diameter

Winter impressions

active crater with acid lake

small lava bomb

acid crater lake


Winter in south Japan


Unagi lake 8.1.

Kaimondake volcano



Unagi craterlake

Unagi craterlake

Unagi village

volcanic steam oven in Unagi

swet potatoes on top of steam oven

using volcanic heat

small fumarole

thermal power plant