TANZANIA 27.6.2004-7.7.2004

Ol Doinyo Lengai

on the road from Arusha to Engare Sero

young Maasai

old cone

young Maasai warriors

Ol Doinyo Lengai

Lengai seen from Engare Sero


Ol Doinyo Lengai with Giraffes

Lake Natron with abundant Flamingos

Flamingos on the shores of Lake Natron

Lengai with Maasai path

Kilimanjaro to the east

Sunrise seen from active crater

some cones in first morning light

sunrise with fumaroles

Lengai's shadow

pano showing all cones of active crater

sodified lava river

gas sublimation from cracks condenses sodium salt

small salt chimneys

gas sublimation from cracks condenses sodium salt

active north crater in evening light

Lengai lava is fluid like oil

bubbling lava lake

lava lake changes from deep black to red at dawn

fluid lava shines red at dawn

full moon night with erupting cone

lava lake beneath broken cone

hidden lava reflects inside cone walls

aureole in morning fog

northern crater in morning light

inside view of an old cone

sulfur crystals growing inside fissures

stalactites inside a old cone


lava rivers

heavy cone overflow

earths shadow in morning dawn

early morning light hits old cone

remnants from a small cone collapse

Lengais lava-flowing like oil

fresh lava overturns older one

lava channel

spraying lava fall

lava meanders down the volcano

advancing Aa like lava

lava river-black in daylight-

-changes into deep red at dawn

like beeing on an alien planet...

this lava can speed up to 10m/s

strong lava flow at night

lava tongue at night

strong fountaining

lava river in front of an old cone

fountaining in early morning dawn

fountaining in orange moonrise light

medium activity under a starry sky

zodiacal light

view from summit down to active crater-the latest lava flows are still black


dusty and dirty-leaving our campsite after our one week stay